Have you ever used blindfolds and masks in the bedroom?

Are you interested in BDSM dating? Or have you used a BDSM dating site? During 2013, the blockbuster book and movie of Fifty Shades of Grey lead to a massive uptake in couples trying out kinky sex, particularly the foreplay which involves handcuffing, blindfolds and masks. 

If you want to use masks in your bedroom to increase your sex life, then you should learn something. It's important to talk to each other first about the experience - not in a formal way, but in a relaxed, emotional and humorous way. If any of you wear a weak mask set in your bedroom without first consulting another, it may end your lecherous love life in the next few months. Beginners who are bound, masked, blindfolded or bound in the game should use basic clothing as their preferred sex toy. When a man's tie can actually do the job, there is really no need to go out and buy expensive eye masks.

At first, you should correct cognitive order for BDSM dating. Why do couples try blindfolding in the act of sex in the bedroom? It's like why most people turn off the lights and have sex. When you take away the sight of one person, that sense is cut off. But the human make-up actually has four other senses it can turn to; sense of smell, taste, touch and sound. Those four senses are heightened and feel more profound when one sense has been restricted.

used a blindfold is an early stage of BDSM dating. Sight is one of our most important senses, so when we close our eyes, another line of sight begins and moves up. This is beyond imagination. Especially when an uncovered partner places a small piece of ice on your neck or chest, or puts a erotic food into your mouth. When you eliminate your vision, you just don't know what will happen next. This action enhances the senses and makes the action of the foreplay more exciting.

But you will find that women prefer to be blindfolded than men. The strange thing is, but should it be like this? Men instinctively like to see things in front of them. They can stare into the eyes of a beautiful woman and fall into love or desire in the cold one minute. When a man is blindfolded, it will reduce a little wake up because he doesn't see anything waiting for him. This is why men are more inclined to use BDSM sites.