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On the web, many of similar BDSM sites reviews are not authoritive and sincere for searchers. Many adult dating companies pay for some powerful review sites and ask them write only good reviews for dating companies to attract the seekers, but it's a just scam after you put the dollar into their wallet result in you don't find your fetish partners in the BDSM site and waste too much time on the wrong site.

One of the first filters we use as a respected reviewer, to see if everything is alright with any BDSM website, is to ask their webmasters for a free pass to their site in order to sign up, use it and check it out and give our readers a real and comprehensive review about it. Because only serious business owners and trustable webmasters will be willing to offer a reviewer a safe pass to their site.

As we all known, a number of dating sites are rechargeable, because these sites need money to protect users' safety and privacy. We are not only offering you a safe and great list of fetish websites to visit; we also want to bring our readers more things they are going to love, and that’s why we also offer great discounts for many of the websites we feature in our lists.

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